Sasha can moo. He can also roar and meow and whine. He is a walking, talking boy who keeps my days busy and full of laughter. The idea for this blog was to chronicle Sasha’s language development. We were teaching him exclusively Russian for his first 2+ years and then began introducing English. We felt it was important and fascinating to watch him become bilingual.  He is now a chatterbox in two languages, seamlessly switching between the two, intuitively knowing which is appropriate in each situation.  So I started the blog a little late, but I will still share stories and linguistic milestones.

I also wanted to start this blog, because we have moved around a bit since Sasha was born and I keep finding myself at a loss for resources.  I figured that other Bay Area parents were in a similar position so I thought I would share my finds with others. Please let me know how I am doing.